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The Roads2HyCom project is a partnership of 29 stakeholder organisations supported by the European Commission Framework Six programme. The project has studied technical and socio-economic issues associated with the use of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in a sustainable energy economy, by combining expert studies in technology status, energy supply and socio-economics with an active programme of engagement with key stakeholders, especially early adopters of the technologies.

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Roads2HyCom Final Report

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in a Sustainable

Energy Economy

The Roads2HyCom Final Report (R2H8500PU) contains a concise overview of all the project results, showing how Fuel Cells and Hydrogen can play a part in the future sustainable energy economy. Click here to download a copy.

Roads2yCom Final Report

Roads2HyCom Final Workshop

Roads2HyCom Final Workshop on
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research and Technology
Brussels, 5-6 March 2009

At the final event of the Roads2HyCom project, an overview of all the project's major results was presented, together with a focus session on technology developments and implications for the research agenda:

  • The landscape of European technology development
  • Overview of energy supply issues
  • Hydrogen Communities - characteristics of early adopters
  • Outlook for future technology competitiveness
  • Implications for research and technology development

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Roads2yCom Final Workshop

Communities Workshops

HyRaMP-Roads2HyCom Community Workshops

Regional Development and Hydrogen Projects

Roads2HyCom, in co-operation with HyRaMP, ran a series of three workshops for regional and community leaders who wanted to know more about setting up successful hydrogen and fuel cell community projects and their value in regional development. The workshops covered areas such as:

  • Success factors for running a successful project
  • Finance and funding options
  • Case studies from past and existing projects

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Communities Handbook

Roads2HyCom Handbook for Communities

The Roads2HyCom Communities Handbook is for community stakeholders interested in hydrogen.

Volume A introduces hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and places them in the context of global energy issues. Volume A was published in October 2007.
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Volume B considers in more detail the role that communities can play, examining the characteristics and strategies that lead to successful hydrogen communities.
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Volume C is a detailed guide to implementing and running a successful sustainable hydrogen community. Volume C will be published in October 2008.
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For more information about the Roads2HyCom Handbook for Communities, click here

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Resources Website

Roads2HyCom Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Wiki

Sharing information is the key to promoting new technologies. This is particularly important if the technology is on the edge of demonstration and commercialisation. Therefore, Roads2HyCom has developed Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Wiki, an on-line knowledge database for hydrogen and fuel cells. The database contains articles on the “state of the art” of hydrogen related technologies, from production processes and infrastructure, to storage and fuel cells.

Click here to access the Roads2HyCom Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Wiki.

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Roads2HyCom Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Wiki

H2&FC Database

Roads2HyCom Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Database

An interactive database containing information on hydrogen and fuel cell related activity throughout Europe. Includes organisations engaged in H2&FC RTD, hydrogen production facilities, hydrogen pipelines, hydrogen fuelling stations, demonstration sites and potential hydrogen communities.

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H2&FC Database


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